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Our team is experienced at using digital communication technologies for social and behavior change and enterprise strategic communication.

We develop brands for organizations and campaigns, motivating the defined target audience to take actions that our clients want to see happening. We have a strong understanding of the theory and practice of persuasion techniques. 

We help to assure that the right digital platform will reach the desired target audience with effective messaging, graphics, pictures and videos capable of projecting the chosen image of an organization and of helping campaigns bring about positive behavior change. Without knowledge of your target audience, it is impossible to implement a digital communication strategy with successful outcomes.

We have successfully deployed email and social media platforms –TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (now X), LinkedIn and more – to enable our clients to reach the right audience with the right message. We also employ metrics to measure impact and have conducted trainings in social media metrics.

Sampling of activities:

  • Carried out a social media campaign to promote malaria prevention and care when the public’s attention was preoccupied with the threat of Covid-19
  • Deployed social media in a campaign to promote workplace health
  • Conducted social marketing campaign family-planning products
  • Worked with WHO to use digital communication against the spread of Ebola
  • Trained online journalists in improving their knowledge of Ebola and the importance of effective awareness and preventive messaging in their online platforms and social media