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Empowering Communications is the arm of EC Associates dedicated to empowering organizations, communities and individuals to make a positive difference in the world and in lives.

The concept of Empowering Communication arose from seeing how media could play a positive role in preventing, resolving conflict and peacebuilding as well as in helping societies emerging from violent conflict to achieve genuine reconciliation.

The commitment to use communication as a positive force also derives from witness the role of the media in dehumanizing people and encouraging violence, such as occurs in genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Our team has used communications to prevent bloody conflict and to promote peace and reconciliation in places such as Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, the Balkans, India and Pakistan.

Communication can also be used to influence governments, civil society, communities and individuals to increase their sense of self-efficacy and make decision to achieve better health outcomes and improve educational opportunities for all.

So, Empowering Communications has consistently sought when and where possible to promote communication and media for positive social and political change, and it will continue to do so.

Look at What We Do to see a sampling of the types of interventions that we have been engaged in.